bunny in a bunny suit

A Girl You Never Met

by Simone White


some emotions burn so clean

some fires don't need gasoline

I've got nothing left to talk about

please have mercy and put me out


here is my hat here is my coat

here is a box with everything I ever wrote

look now I've gone and made you cry

it's true I hurt you

it's true I lied


yes my heart's made of stone

what keeps this cold blood flowing

I'll never know


it hasn't always been this way

once I was happy to greet the day

I was a girl you forget

I was a girl you never met


you've seen me only old

keeping all of these secrets

you know I can't hold


the needle marks what it has sewn

my life it's cut me to the bone

I think it's finally time to go


scatter my ashes don't tell me where

say what you like about me

I don't care


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